Fully Automatic Die Forming Machine for die molded rings from 6 to 80 mm

The automatic Die forming machine model APM25 forms compacted die molded rings, of any shapes, using graphite strips or other similar materials having a diameter between 6 and 80 mm.

This forming machine can work in two modes

  • Semiautomatic where the operator feeds manually the pre-cut strips of graphite into the winding and inserting device. The ring manufacturing cycle is made in automatic by the machine including the ring ejection
  • Automatic (without operator) where all the cycle including the graphite feeding is performed automatically by the machine

Main machine features

  • Control system by PLC and Touchscreen Operator Panel to automatically control the manufacturing process and the gasket parameters
  • Pressing device made up hydraulic cylinder having 25 tons. pressing strength
  • Ejection device made up hydraulic cylinder having 1 ton. ejecting strength
  • Weighting device having a precision on 0,01 g that can check the real weight of each ring in order to separate the good ones from the rejected ones
  • Pressing strength adjustment by operator panel’s parameter
  • Motorised corrugation device
  • Automatic control of graphite strip length by means of encoder
  • Easy gasket program creation by means of the on-board wizard
  • Manufacturing Programs storage on SD card
  • Remote assistance
Description Value Unit
Operating mode Automatic/Semiautomatic  
Gasket maximum outer diameter 80 mm
Gasket minimum inner diameter 6 mm
Graphite strip maximum height 35 mm
Graphite strip minimum thickness 0.25 mm
Min. graphite strip length (automatic feeding) 120 mm
Automatic cycle duration (Graphite strip length ~200 mm) 8 sec./piece
Air supply pressure 6÷8 bar
Power supply 7 KW
Punch max stroke in the die 40 mm
Pressing strength 25 Tons
Ejection strength 1 Tons
Control of graphite quantity to be inserted in the mould By strip length  
Weighting resolution 0,001 g
Max Weight of the ring to be controlled 210 g
No. of pressing steps before ejecting the finished product to be programmed  
Brushless motors PANASONIC  
PLC and Programming terminal PANASONIC  
Approx. machine size 1330 x 1480 x 2100h mm
Total weight of the machine Approx. 1.050 Kg