Automatic Die Forming Machine for die molded rings with manual feeding from 30 mm to 180 mm

The automatic Die forming machine APM30 forms compacted die molded rings, of any shapes, using graphite strips or other similar materials, having a diameter between 30 and 180 mm.

This forming machine works in the following mode

  • The operator feeds manually the pre-wound graphite strip into the mould
  • The ring manufacturing cycle is made in automatic by the machine including the ring ejection
  • The machine can work with a max of 4 moulds

The machine can work with a max of 3 moulds.

Main machine features

  • Control system by PLC and Touchscreen Operator Panel to automatically control the manufacturing process and the gasket parameters
  • Pressing device made up hydraulic cylinder having a stroke of 200 mm and 30 tons. pressing strength
  • Possibility to use the existing moulds of the customers
  • Automatic setting by PLC parameter of:
    • pressing stroke
    • ejector stroke
    • upper position of the punch
  • Electromagnetic plate for punch fixing and support allowing an easy and quick change of production
  • Pressing strength adjustment by operator panel’s parameter
  • Easy gasket program creation
  • Manufacturing Programs storage on SD card
  • Remote assistance
Description Value Unit
Operating mode Automatic with manual loading  
Gasket maximum outer diameter 180 mm
Gasket minimum inner diameter 30 mm
Graphite strip maximum height 95 mm
Automatic cycle duration (punch stroke 30 mm) 6,5 sec./piece
Air supply pressure 6÷8 bar
Power supply 16 KW
Max stroke of the punch 200 mm
Max stroke of the ejector 100 mm
Max number of mould 4 Nr.
Pressing strength 30 Tons
No. of pressing steps before ejecting the finished product to be programmed  
PLC and Programming terminal PANASONIC  
Approx. machine size 1400 x 1150 x 2500h mm
Total weight of the machine 4.250 Kg