Semiautomatic Spiral Wound Gasket Machine from 14 mm to 4000 mm

The Semiautomatic Winding Machine model AWM04 is designed to manufacture spiral wound gaskets from 14 mm to 4000 mm with or without inner ring.

The machine can manufacture gaskets with

  • Different thicknesses like 3,2 mm – 4,5 mm – 6,4 mm – 7,2 mm or customized ones
  • Standard (V or W shape) or custom shaped steel profile
  • Different shapes (like oblong, oval, etc.) with limitations related to the long axis / short axis ratio for gaskets till 500 mm

Main machine features

  • Control system by PLC and touchscreen Operator Panel to automatically control the manufacturing process and the gasket parameters
  • Steel tension control during the winding by a pneumatic motor on the profiling rollers
  • Dimensional control by accurate linear encoder
  • Availability of dimensional control and number of winding control in the same gasket manufacturing program
  • Filler breakage or finishing control device
  • Electronic welder with possibility to switch during the process between different programs
  • Automatic welding device movement
  • Pressure control device on pressure wheel to keep constant the force applied on the gasket
  • Winding speed control by motor
  • Easy gasket program creation
  • Programs storage on SD card
  • Remote assistance
Description Value Unit
Operating mode Semiautomatic  
Gasket nominal thickness On customer spec. mm
Minimum inner diameter of the inner ring 14 mm
Minimum inner diameter of the gasket without inner ring 19 mm
Maximum outer diameter of the gasket 4000 mm
Production rate for a 1524mm/60” gasket ~ 10 min.
Power set 4 KVA
Spindle power 2 x 0.88 KW
Welder power 2 KVA
Air Supply pressure 6 – 8 bar
Winding maximum speed 300 mm/sec
PLC / Programming terminal PANASONIC  
Overall dimensions 4200 x 5300 x 1500H mm
Total weight of machine Approx. 475 Kg