Semiautomatic Spiral Wound Gasket Machine from ½” to 30”

The Semiautomatic Winding Machine model AWM08/S is designed to manufacture spiral wound gaskets from ½” to 30” with and without inner ring.

The machine can manufacture gaskets with

  • Different thicknesses (3,2 mm – 4,5 mm – 6,4 mm – 7,2 mm as well non standard thickness)
  • Standard (V or W shape) or custom shaped steel profile
  • Different shapes (with limitations related to the long axis / short axis ratio)

Main machine features

  • Control system by PLC and touchscreen Operator Panel to automatically control the gasket parameters
  • Steel tension control during the winding by a pneumatic motor on the profiling rollers
  • Dimensional control by accurate linear encoder
  • Availability of dimensional control and number of winding control in the same gasket manufacturing program
  • Filler breakage or finishing control device
  • Electronic welder with possibility to switch during the process between different programs
  • Manual welding device movement
  • Pressure control device on pressure wheel to keep constant the force applied on the gasket
  • Winding speed control by motor
  • Easy gasket program creation
  • Programs storage on SD card
  • Remote assistance
Description Value Unit
Operating mode Semiautomatic  
Gasket nominal thickness On customer spec. mm
Minimum internal diameter without inner ring 19.1 (ASME standard ½”) mm
Minimum inner diameter with inner ring 14.3 (ASME standard ½”) mm
Maximum outer diameter of the gasket 845 (ASME standard 30”) mm
Cycle time for 3” gasket ~ 40 Sec.
Power set 3.5 kVA
Spindle power 1.1 kW
Welder power 2 kVA
Air Supply pressure 6 – 8 bar
Spindle maximum speed 110 RPM
PLC / Programming terminal PANASONIC  
Approx. machine size 165 x 95 x 175H cm
Total weight of machine Approx. 320 Kg