Glass Printing Equipment

EXA in partnership with STAR

EXA S.r.l. and STAR S.r.l. ( signed a STRONG PARTNERSHIP to design, manufacture and supply Silk Screen Printing Solutions.

EXA and STAR are able to supply screen printing machines and complete lines that meet the requirements of all the market segments (with semi-automatic to fully automatic printers) in the various manufacturing domains (household appliance, architectural and automotive glass).

The great experience in the glass equipment field and in the screen printing equipment field allows EXA and STAR to be a partner not only for the supply of state-of-the-art equipment, but also for the technical and technological support about the screen printing process that they can provide to their customers. Their deep knowledge of this process can be useful both for those companies that are just starting their activity in the flat glass sector and for those manufacturers whose productivity is often affected by groundless commonplaces.

EXA S.r.l. and STAR grant to the customers an high level after sales service through their skilled personnel (all technicians with more than 20 years’ experience in glass printing equipment).

Range of Products

  • Screen Printing lines for automotive, home appliance and architectural flat glass.
  • Automatic and semiautomatic screen printing machines
  • Logo printers
  • Roller coating machines
  • IR and UV drying ovens
  • Pit free accumulators
  • Visual inspection stations
  • Robotized loading and unloading systems
  • Pairing stations
  • Washing machines
  • Palletizing and handling equipment
  • Turnkey plants for flat glass
Glass Printing Equipment

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